Dr. Alister Muir received his PhD in Botany from the University of Canterbury, N.Z, in 1979.  He joined the Saskatoon Research Centre of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada in 1988 as a natural products chemist working on bloat safe alfalfa. In 1995 he transferred to the BioProducts and Processing Section to work on the value added processing of flaxseed. The principal focus of this research was on the development of technology for the large scale isolation and purification of the lignan SDG. This technology was patented and licensed to the Archer Daniels Midland Company and forms the core technology for the production of the flax lignan concentrate “Beneflax”.  Subsequently he expanded his research program to include technology for the production of saponins, flavonoids, and bioactive peptides from plant proteins. His research also focused on the development and validation of analytical methods for bioactives of interest to the Functional Food and Natural Health Products Industry. In 2013 Dr. Muir retired from AAFC and is currently a R&D consultant providing R&D and business development advise to industry.

Dr Muir was one of the founding directors for the Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada, and is currently a member of the SHSASpecialtyAg Board. He has 65 scientific papers and book chapters, 14 patents and more than 95 conference presentations.