Manager, Corporate Quality Assurance, Great Western Brewing

Anita Fuller, currently Manager of Corporate Quality Assurance at Great Western Brewing Company, Saskatoon, is a seasoned Food Manufacturing Quality professional with over 25 years of experience in both academic and industrial settings. Her responsibilities at Great Western include the development and management of both internal and external activities related to a “Liquid to Lips” Quality strategy and in that capacity, she liaises with and trains all departments of Great Western Brewing toward a robust internal Quality culture. From the external standpoint she interacts with stakeholders, customers and consumers in an educational and hands-on capacity furthering the Vision statement of Great Western Brewing Company to “Become Canada’s most recognized and respected regional brewery”. Anita interacts closely with the Brewing department and Brewmaster and has a passion for Brewing herself. She also is the in-house sensory expert and sensory trainer, conducting internal and external consumer tasting panels.

Anita sits on two industry committees with Beer Canada: The Standard Mould Bottle Agreement committee and the Product Quality Committee. She is a member of the Master Brewers’ Association of the Americas (MBAA).  Great Western Brewing Company was founded in 1989 by the “Original 16”: sixteen employee stakeholders who bought the company, which was planned for demolition after the merger of Carling O’Keefe and Molson. In its’ 24th  year, it has been recognized for 8 consecutive years as one of Canada’s Best 50 Managed Companies and has won numerous international and national Brewing awards; the most recent being one gold, two silver and one bronze at the 2014 Canadian Brewing Award.